How to stop eating when bored: 16 tips

It also gives you something to look forward to at the end of the day. It’s much harder to get off the couch after you’ve already come home for the night. If you have an iPhone, it already alerts you on your weekly screen time.

  • This is important to remember when thinking about boredom.
  • In other words, we will continuously snack because it makes us temporarily excited again and again.
  • An important way to safeguard your sobriety is to be aware of this and take steps to mitigate it.
  • Self-medicating can drastically impact overall health and well-being.
  • I just love sipping on things while I study or work.

We have the seasons where we can stroll around in the fine warm weather and other seasons where we have to get all dressed up in our woolen winter clothes. If every day was the same we’d soon get bored. Trying to prevent boredom or override the feeling by eating and finding other distractions doesn’t always work.

What Are Better Ways to Cope With Boredom?

You’re more at risk for feeling lonely if most of your friends are in relationships. You may also feel the most loneliness just after a breakup. If you don’t have anything productive to do at home, you’ll probably feel bored. Pets provide an endless source of entertainment.

i drink when i am bored

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How Quickly Does The Liver Heal After You Quit Drinking?

In between every Netflix episode I watch and social media newsfeed I mindlessly scroll through, I take to my kitchen, searching for a new snack to devour. While food is all that is good in this world, eating when not hungry is not truly fulfilling. Wondering why my apparent boredom leads me to the great abyss that is my kitchen, I did what any inquisitive (or bored?) person would do. Volunteering is a great way to reconnect with your community. Helping others actually boosts our own mental health and feelings of self-worth. Plus, it helps us with our emotional sobriety and wellness.

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